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Welcome to HawkTuah Hub!

We have generated this gorgeous app, to give you & friends the ability to compete in different challenges with each other.

The algorithm we use for our ranking is very adaptive;
it gives newcomers a fair chance to uprise in the rank cluster fairly easy, while user's older pictures get no big advantage for longer participating.

If a newcomer's picture beats another one, which is on a higher rank, points are being delivered from the higher ranked picture to the newer one
(losing image loses points, winner image wins points).

The higher ranked the losing media was, the more points the winner media gets. And vice versa.

Each image starts with 0 points, and makes its way through the contest it is being assigned to, winning more points (+) or losing points (-).

It is intended, that a pictures value can become negative, as with an unlimited supply of new pictures it is required to have the unlimited (infinite) capability for all pictures to rise and fall, not regarding how long they participate (being able to give and receive unlimited points, as the contest is open for infinite new-comers).

In theory, the max. value can rise infinite.

It is a mathematical necessity; a neg. value of a picture does NOT speak about its 'negativity'; it solely speaks about the overall high quality and the big participation of users in the contest.

>> This, giving each new image the value of 0 and let users decide, whether it rises or falls, is by far the MOST fair & transparent way to hold a contest.

[Otherwise, we would need to give every new picture the bonus of 100 points for ex., which would compromise the whole rating & not be fair towards older images, that are underneath this value].

Our app is made for having fun.

The ranking system is constantly adapting new rates & votes; most pictures do not last at the bottom / top forever.

Thats why, you cannot take the results too sacral - because they are not.

Right now, we are in beta mode and testing.

The future holds great features to come!

Stay tuned.


1) What is the idea behind it?

Usually, and as it is common today, everybody on social media looks out to be the nice guy/girl...
There is no intention of competition at the surface, although everybody knows there is.

We don't want to be like the others, and we don't value hypocrisy:
At HawkTuahHub, you can compete directly with no false restraint.

This is where the name has its origin from.

2) What is the max. filesize you can upload?

At the moment, it is 10 mb. We look to increase later.

3) How can I re-assign a picture to another contest?

You have to navigate to the particular contest, and click the X inside the picture to delete it from the contest.

Then you can assign it to another contest again.

Please be aware: If you assign your image to a contest, to which it obviously do not belong, you will receive automatically downvotes for it & it will be deleted from the contest as well as from your profile.

4) When did you start with this app?

We started on 1st of may. You are early :)

5) What shall I do, if a picture of mine is being misused / used without permit?

Please contact us here & provide us with a link to this image.
Later on, we will have to verify that this is truly you on the image; so keep your passport / ID ready & make sure to have access to a webcam (smartphone cam).

6) What is the difference to instagram etc.?

While on instagram, or other social / media sharing apps, users might just like an image, and there is a lack of competitive spirit,
we are the sheer opposite:
We love competition!
And this is the reason for this app.

7) Is the app available on android and iOS?

At the moment it is only available on android.
But it won't take long and we will come up with a solution for iOS.

8) Will there be other contests coming to this app?

100%, very soon.

9) How do you earn money / keep this app running?

Right now, we sponsor everything on our own budget.
In future, we will incooperate a little bit of advertisement.

10) Are men allowed to take part in the contests?!

Not at the moment; we will take care of making it possible quite soon.

Thank you.

Here is an explanation of the different statistic values next to the image / in your profile:

Picture Page:

Ratings: Number of upvotes (exclusive downvotes).
Views: Number of unique visits / views; in contest as well as on its stand-alone page (picture page).


Stars / Score: Overall rating, in comparison to all users of the app.

Why do some pictures have a neg. rating?

Each new picture starts with 0 points.
If it wins against another picture, it will get a fraction of points assigned (pos. rating).
If it loses, it will give away a fraction of its points (neg. rating).

A high number of 'negative valued' pictures in a contest shows a high quality of the overall contest. -

The more high-quality pictures participate, the more often 'negative ratings' will occur, thus the harder it is to get to the top.

The neg. value does not speak for the negativity of a picture; it is simply due to the fact how the algorithm works (as each pic starts with 0). -

We find out, that this way our algorithm displays and mirrors the uncompromised, real voting behaviour of all participants of a contest & works in the most fair way.

This is the most fair & transparent way to hold any contest.

We are monitoring IP adresses and VPN systems, using cloudflare and other track-services.

Please do not register more than one time, as we may suspend you for an indefinite time-period.

Thank you very much,
HawkTuahHub Team